4 Most Common Dental Procedures You Should Know

Visiting the dentist can make many people feel scared or nervous. The loud noises, machines, and big chairs can feel overwhelming. But if you understand what’s going to happen, it will be easier. People go to the dentist for various reasons, and some things are pretty common. Here are four usual dental procedures that you should know about. And guess what? You can get them all done at Alpine Dental Center.

Teeth Cleaning: This is the main reason why most people go to the dentist. Because doctors often say it’s good to get teeth cleaned every six months or sometimes once a year. This is really important for your oral health. The tools dentists use to clean your teeth work better than your own toothbrush. And the best part? Cleanings don’t hurt much, so no need to worry!

Teeth Whitening: Just like cleaning, whitening your teeth is quite comfortable. Some people might feel a bit sensitive to the stuff used for whitening, but usually, it’s a simple process done at the dentist’s office. Using teeth whitening kits at home takes a lot more time and effort. You have to buy the kits and spend a while using them. But at the dentist, the process is faster and safer. They use a special gel and light to whiten your teeth quickly and professionally.

Tooth Removal: Getting a tooth pulled might sound scary and painful. Honestly, it’s not the most enjoyable thing. But don’t worry; your dentist will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. There are different reasons why you might need a tooth removed. 

However, when you’re having a tooth removed, you’ll either be asleep or not able to feel anything because they numb your mouth. Afterwards, you might feel a bit sore, but getting a tooth out is usually done to stop more pain from happening later on.

Veneers: When your teeth are not straight or have stains, dentists might suggest veneers. They’re a popular way to fix common tooth issues. Veneers are like thin covers that go on the front of your teeth. They’re used to fix problems and even make teeth whiter. Getting veneers is simple and not usually painful. 


Although the idea of going to the dentist can be intimidating, a skilled dentist will make every effort to ensure your comfort. Continuously learning about common procedures will give you insight into what to anticipate. So that, when you’re in the dentist’s chair, thoughts of intense pain will be less prominent in your mind.

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