How to Write Essay in English for Exam

If you are wondering how to write essay in English for exam, it is necessary for you to understand how essays in English are structured. Essays in English are different from essays you may have written in school. Moreover, they will also have an impact on your final grade. Many famous international exams for English require essay writing. Here are some tips to make the writing process easy for you. First, choose an interesting topic and make a plan. Second, allocate enough time to write and revise the essay. Third, always check your work and correct obvious errors.

Third, remember that you should use two to three paragraphs in the main body of the essay. Each paragraph should develop and supplement the main sentence. The main sentence should be the first sentence and the rest of the paragraphs should follow it. A good essay will have a strong introduction and a concise conclusion. If the passage is too long or too short, try breaking the sentence into several shorter ones. Remember to use proper grammar and spelling when writing an essay.

Fourth, be aware that the questions in the exam booklets usually consist of multiple choice, true/false, and matching questions. Depending on the difficulty level, you should choose the easier ones first, and then progress to the more difficult ones at the end. Fifth, make sure to write your essay in paragraphs and sentences. Discuss relationships between concepts and facts. Finally, try to keep personal feelings to a minimum.

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