Pivotal Things To Do Before Total Disc Replacement Procedure

Disc herniation is one of the leading causes of back pain. A herniated disc occurs when you have extreme strain in any part of your spine, especially the lower back. While mild back pain can improve after non-surgical, chronic back pain can persist, holding your life’s quality hostage. 

If you experience back pain that does not improve after non-surgical treatments, you should consider total disc replacement Glendale since you could have more severe damage to your spinal disc. Like any other surgical procedure, preparing adequately for this procedure is good. Keep reading this article to know what to do before total disc replacement.

Make Inquiries

Total disc replacement sounds strange to many people. Fortunately, knowing what the procedure entails will help you ease the anxiety that you could be having. List all important questions and present them to your surgeon. For example, you can ask how long this surgical procedure will take. Your surgeon will be ready to give you precise details concerning total disc replacement. Asking the relevant questions will also prove that you are ready for the operation’s success.

Eat Healthy Diet

It would help if you were mindful of what you eat in the days leading to your surgery appointment. While loading your plate with pizza can be tempting, this is not the best time for such meals. Your body will want healthy meals to reduce inflammation after the procedure. For example, you should increase the intake of vitamin-rich foods such as fruits and fresh vegetables. A well-rounded meal will also facilitate a smooth recovery after surgery.

Stop Smoking

Cigarette smoking has many lethal effects on your body. For example, it can compromise your immune system, thus prolonging your recovery after the operation. In addition, cigarette chemicals can inhibit the capacity of the artificial discs to fuse with the other spinal discs. Therefore, you should suspend smoking for weeks before total replacement surgery. Quitting this detrimental habit altogether will bring many benefits to your overall health famousbiography.

Review Your Medication

Do you know that certain medications can interfere with the success of total disc replacement surgery? For example, anti-inflammatory medications can expose you to excessive bleeding during back surgery. Other over-the-counter drugs can have adverse reactions with the anesthesia used during the operation. It would help to inform the surgeon about all the medications you take. Your surgeon can recommend suspending the drugs with potential side effects.

Keep Moving

When experiencing excruciating pain in your back, it can be tempting to evade exercise. However, this is a bad idea, especially when contemplating total disc replacement surgery. Remaining inactive can rigid your spinal disc, thus responding negatively to surgical trauma. Always find a physical activity that you love, and keep training. Conduct regular moderate exercise to avoid excessive strain in the already ailing spinal discs.

Lower back pain is one of the prevalent conditions. In most cases, it occurs due to disc herniation after extreme strain on your spinal discs. Chronic back pain can lower your mobility, thus holding the quality of your life hostage.

Fortunately, you can restore the quality of your life through total disc replacement by replacing damaged discs with artificial ones. Knowing what to do before this procedure will help boost your experience before and after the procedure. For example, eating healthy meals can enhance your recovery after the procedure newsintv.



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