Top 5 Fat Grafting Aftercare Tips For Great Results

As you age, it’s more likely that you will notice unwanted body fat that develops in various parts of your body, including your breast. This can make you self-conscious about your appearance, especially if you’ve tried other procedures unsuccessfully. While several options can reconstruct your breasts, most leave behind severe complications, making patients fear trying them. However, East Windsor fat grafting procedure is exceptional as it’s a non-invasive surgical option that improves your breast to an appealing and natural appearance.

Nonetheless, although fat grafting delivers incredible results within a short duration, you must be part of your success. For maximum and better results, there are effective measures you should incorporate, which include healthy strategies and lifestyle adjustments. Keep reading to understand the six effective tips that allow you to get the best results from a fat grafting procedure.

1. Keep pressure off the treated area

The treated area will be delicate after your treatment session, and thus applying any pressure can wreak havoc on your recovery. Usually, the injected fat will be reabsorbed automatically, and touching the treatment area might impact your results. However, keep the treated area off for at least two weeks for the best results. Furthermore, your surgeon will instruct you on the best ways to do this.

2. Start exercising at the right time

After your fat grafting procedure, you must not participate in any strenuous activities until the set time limit. Intense exercise and vigorous day-to-day activities can affect your fat grafting results. Furthermore, avoiding high-intensity exercise will hamper recovery and increase your risk for injuries and infections. Therefore, fat-burning exercises should be off the cards for a while to get the best out of your procedure and enjoy better results.

3. Eat a nutritious and healthy diet

Fueling your body with nutrient-dense foods will speed up recovery and give the transplanted fat cells the best chance of survival. Consuming proteins, healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables would be best for better results. On the other hand, lower the intake of sugary, salty, or processed food during your recovery.

4. Abstain from smoking

Smoking habits aren’t only bad before your fat transfer session procedure and can also affect your recovery. Typically, smoking decreases blood flow, thus delaying wound healing. Since it’s recommendable that you quit smoking before fat grafting, you should avoid picking this habit up again after your procedure. Furthermore, avoid alcohol consumption for at least three weeks before and after your treatment makeeover.

5. Get creative to sleep

After the fat grafting procedure, you should avoid putting pressure on the treated area, especially when you sit and sleep. After your breast fat transfer, you should sleep on your back and your head elevated to prevent swelling and delayed wound healing. Avoid sleeping on your stomach or side, which will pressure your breasts and slow your recovery.

While it’s guaranteed that you will benefit from fat grafting for breast reconstruction, each success comes with a price. You should follow your provider’s aftercare tips to enjoy better results and a quick recovery. Furthermore, fat grafting is a safe and effective procedure with little to no complications. Don’t allow your appearance to take a toll on your life when you can reconstruct your breast with fat grafting.

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