Types of New Deal Programs That Put Artists to Work

Federal Project Number One was one of the largest New fashiontrends Deal relief programs and funded a wide variety of artistic projects. It was part of the Works Progress Administration and the Federal Art Project, which focused on the visual arts. These programs were part of the larger umbrella program called Federal One, which also funded projects in music, theater, and the Historical Records Survey. The Federal Art Project was only one of several federal projects that put artists to work.

Several types of New Deal programs put artists to work and promoted a liberal agenda. The Index of American Design, for example, involved about 400 artists webgain who produced three-dimensional representations of iconic American designs. Projects included weather vanes, glassware, religious icons, tavern signs, and furniture. The work was exhibited in the White House and other public venues.

While unemployment and low wages were common, the government recognized that artists needed telelogic help. By hiring 3,000 needy artists, the government became patrons of the arts and became its patron. These artists were given studio space, materials, and a living wage. They were also expected to reach the public and engage in dialogue. This visionware is why so many artists fought for the Public Works of Art Project.

Other New Deal cultural initiatives were the Treasury Department’s Section of Painting and Sculpture. These programs sought out “quality” designs by artists in a variety of mediums, and were part of means-tested relief efforts. Ultimately, these programs put more than 10,000 artists to work in a wide variety of fields and mediums. In short, the New Deal helped make art okena accessible to the American people and encouraged the arts to grow and thrive.

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